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We are passionate about film making!

Digital Pro is a film making utility CinePro™ /  is a rental company DP+ / a manufacturing store DPM

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Adidas, Aquascutum, Ann Summers, Barclays Global, BBC, BT, Cacharel, Calvin Klein, CP Company, Channel 4, Coca-Cola, Debenhams, Fortnum & Mason, Gap, Gillette, Gucci, H&M, Harrods, Hermes, Hugo Boss, IBM, Joop, La Senza, Marks & Spencers, Microsoft, Natwest Ltd, New Line Cinema, Nike, Nivea, Nokia, Olay, Paul Smith, Raymond Weil, Sainsbury, Samsonite, Selfridges, Sony  Music, Speedo, Ted Baker, Thomas Pink, Theo Fennell, TK Maxx, Toni & Guy, Top Shop, Top Man, Totoyta, Ultimo, V&A, Vauxhall, Vertu, Visa, Vodafone, Wagamama, Warehouse.


125 Magazine, 10 Magazine, Another Magazine, Another Man, Arena, Arena Homme+, Blueprint, Cosmopolitan, Dazed + Confused, Easy Living, Elle, Exit, Frameworks, The Guardian, Glamour, GQ, GQ Style, Harvey Nichols, Health & Fitness,   i-D, In Style, Jalouse, Marie-Claire, Men’s Health, Monocle, Numero, POP, Stiletto, Tatler, Telegraph Magazine, The New York Times, The Sunday Times, V Magazine, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Wonderland, Zoo.

CinePro™ from Digital Pro on Vimeo.

Our motivation in setting up CinePro™ was to create a streamline system from shoot to post where filming and post production packages were group together to a create cost efficient solution.

As the majority of our clients are looking for beauty led imagery we evaluated and tested most camera systems on the market. This led us to two cameras options; ARRI Alexa & RED Epic.

Both camera systems have advantageous. Alexa for its ease of workflow and the RED for is 5K imagery and it’s native RAW capture format.

Next we evaluated lighting. We loved the way Briese lights and their light shaping tools created beautiful specular highlights with a lovely matte skin tone. These lights in a combination of Dedos and Kinos create a lighting solution we believe to be the best.

We loved three lens manufactures; Zeiss, Cooke and Angeneiux. Zeiss & Cooke for their Primes and Angeneiux for their DP Zoom Sets.

Of course when it came down to grip we bought mostly ARRI. These included matte boxes and wireless lens control systems.

With post production we run on MacPros with dedicated RAID Thunderbolt systems. Our post production software of choice is the Adobe Creative suite with dedicated solutions from The Foundary and Autodesk.

So, from Shoot to Post we have a focused system that considers the quality of capture with a tool set to enable as much freedom in post as your project demands.

a manufacturing store DPM™ from Digital Pro on Vimeo.

DPM™ is the bespoke manufacturing part of Digital Pro.

Occasionally the kit we bought from our favourite manufactures wasn’t just 100% right for the way we worked. Although the kit will do the job required. We wanted to look into how we could improve for our bespoke shooting systems.

We also liked the idea of personalising kit with our colour palette and branding. Some of our freelancers liked what we did and started to enquire on what we could produce for them. DPM™ was born.

As CNC technology has evolved and manufacturing is starting to return to the UK we decided to produce items on a limited scale for our systems and our freelancers kits.

In essence it all fits into the CinePro™ philosophy of a well considered shooting system.

Film Coming Soon.